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Slaley Parish Council minutes for January 2015

A Community Public Access Defibrillator for Slaley?

Over recent months Slaley Parish Council & other parish organisations including the Commemoration Hall have received a lot of information on Defibrillators. At the January 2015 Parish Council meeting Adele Young, Community Resuscitation Officer from the Ambulance Training Centre at Durham, came to talk to anyone interested in First Responders and the possibility of Slaley having a Defibrillator for public use.

Adele talked everyone though cPADs (Community Public Access Defibrillators). There are now 42 such machines in Northumberland, and many more across the North-East of England. Adele explained the “Chain of Survival”, a series of events which when followed in a set sequence, help to increase the chance of survival of a patient suffering from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest:

999 call ⇒ CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) ⇒ Early Defibrillation ⇒ Early Access to Emergency Care

In the case of a 999 call, if a cPAD is available locally, the caller is given the code to access the  cPAD. lt was emphasized that if there is only one person with the patient, they will have to stay with the patient & perform CPR until help arrives but if there is a 2nd person available, he/she could be sent to collect the cPAD.

lf a Community First Responder is available, he/she will be alerted by the 999 call.  First Responders are volunteers from the community, who respond to emergency calls, in addition to an ambulance being dispatched. They are trained by the Ambulance Service and are provided with a Defibrillator, oxygen, and a basic first aid kit. They will be dispatched to a large variety of emergency calls, including chest pain/heart attacks, breathing difficulties, cardiac/respiratory arrest, collapse/unconsciousness, amongst others, but only roughly within a five mile radius of their location. A First Responder is NOT expected to be on general call out to the public.

The Parish Council has agreed that it would go ahead with the purchase of a Defibrillator, and will host an Awareness Event to see how many members of the parish are interested, and will support fundraising towards the purchase of an iPAD or similar machine. Information about the iPAD can be found here, about First Responders here. As a point of interest Blanchland and Allendale have both a First Responder and a Defibrillator.


  • The iPAD (which can differentiate between a young person and an adult at the flick of a switch) £825 + VAT
  • Cabinet for iPAD £800 + VAT, plus costs to provide an electricity supply.

The Parish Council has agreed that an extra thousand pounds be added to the Precept to cover 50% of the Defibrillator and its security cabinet. These Cabinets have a code to open which the 999 ambulance service provides to the caller. In some instances the code will be known by certain members of the community but Adele stressed that the 999 call for an ambulance and CPR are the most important survival guidelines, followed by a third party collecting the Defibrillator from its storage box.

The Parish Council would like to hear from everyone in the parish about the need for CPR training and to help with fundraising for a Community Public Access Defibrillator.

The Council would like parishioners to give their views as to whether:

  • I think a Community Public Access Defibrillator will/will not be beneficial to the people of this parish?
  • I would be willing/would not be willing to help with fund raising towards the 50% shortfall.
  • I am interested/not interested in basic life saving CPR training.
  • I am interested in/not interested in knowing more about becoming a First Responder. (A driver with
    access to a vehicle is a requirement)

This should be sent by Monday morning, February 9th 2015 – every household should have received a sheet with the February Parish Newsletter.

For those with email, please contact the Clerk or one of the Councillors:

Clerk: Patricia Wilson, Email:
Councillors: Carolyn A Brooks, Email: craig589@btinternet
David Allsop, Email:
Dorothy Bell, Email:
Elaine Milburn, Email:
Nigel Green, Email:
Susan Dart, Email:

New priest in charge for Moorland Group!

As has now been announced to all the congregations in the Moorland Group of churches, a new priest in charge has been appointed, with an assistant to be appointed later this year. The very welcome newcomer is Dr Helen Savage, an experienced priest local to the North East. A date for her induction will be announced shortly but it could be around April or May.

It is appropriate to mention here just what the Moorland Group of parishes is. In common with plenty of rural communities at the present time, small parishes are grouped into a larger unit with one priest in charge and at least one assistant. Our group consists of Blanchland, Healey, Hunstanworth, Muggleswick, Slaley and Whittonstall: all small congregations but with dearly loved churches.

You may see further announcements on the St Mary’s church page.

Slaley Parish Council Minutes of December 2014

Consultation on broadband coverage

Michael Elphick attended the consultation in Hexham on broadband coverage in Northumberland this morning, and had a useful discussion with John Cooper of Arch Digital. They are currently checking whether BT’s estimates of the availability of fibre broadband matches the actual situation on the ground. If you wish to check its availability to your house or business, send a query to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). You could also try the BT broadband availability checker at:

which will usually provide a lot of technical detail. In particular look for FTTC Range A (Clean) ’High’ and ‘Low’ figures and under ‘Availability Date’. If anyone whose postcode is in the areas listed below (which are assessed as able to get 15 Mbps or more) find that their ISP states, or the BT checker shows, that FTTC is NOT available or that the speed is below 15 Mbps, they should inform Arch Digital of this by sending an email to

NE47 0AA
NE47 0BQ
NE47 0BH
NE47 0AB
NE47 0AD
NE47 0AE
NE47 0AF
NE47 0AG
NE47 0AQ
NE47 0AS
NE47 0AT
NE47 0BB
NE47 0BD

Those who are not in these areas will have to wait for the next stage which will aim to extend high-speed access by various means (including wireless, satellite or even ‘fibre to the remote node’). This will be managed by a contractor still to be decided (but almost certainly BT), and hopefully completed in 2016. Funding up to possibly £6 million should be available, but the emphasis for spending on extended coverage will be on “value for money”, and some more remote areas may still be left out.

Finally, if you are on an existing (ADSL) broadband service and still not getting adequate speeds, it may be worth checking some possible causes. Are you on an old contract which has a set maximum speed? If you’ve had the same supplier for years this sometimes happens; you should be able to switch easily onto a new package.

More likely you may have a problem with your internal set up. It could be using an ancient computer, using wireless through a USB connection, plugging the router into a remote extension rather than the master socket etc. Or just measuring the speed when the kids are downloading an HD film (which is a good reason for getting superfast, but not an accurate reflection of the current line speed!)

Fibre broadband available in Slaley!

Garry Winship (Marketing Manager | iNorthumberland | BT Group) has informed us that fibre broadband is now available to order on the cabinet in Slaley, earlier than expected.

Those living in Slaley village itself should find that (if they wish to switch) their connection speeds will show a considerable increase. This will probably require increased payments, of course!

While this is of course fantastic news for most residents, there will be many that do not see any great benefit from the iNorthumberland roll-out due to their distance from the cabinet. My own provider (PlusNet) responded with: “The estimate for fibre is only 3.4Mb for your line. For this reason we wouldn’t be able to offer fibre unfortunately as it wouldn’t be financially viable for you. (We wouldn’t want you paying more for a service that won’t be be able to benefit from.)”

In general the best advice would be to send a query to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see if they will offer FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) for you. You could also try the BT broadband availability checker at:

which will usually provide a lot of technical detail.