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July 2014 minutes of Slaley Parish Council

June 2014 Slaley Parish Council Minutes

Reports on the Broadband meeting

Following the survey of broadband in Slaley & Healey, and the recent meeting on June 26th to hear the plans for broadband upgrades in the Slaley area, a report on that event is now available here.

Along with that, copies of slides for the Slaley broadband update by Graeme Allen (from Arch Digital), and Michael’s presentation are also published (all in PDF format).

Graeme’s presentation included a map (though not very clear) which is shown below (click to enlarge):

Map of areas

Map of areas

This shows the areas to be served from the two new ‘cabinets’: P1 near Whitley Chapel (yellow), and P3 to be installed in Slaley next year (green). The two circles indicate areas within 1200m of the cabinet, indicating the distance beyond which performance may decrease.
Individual houses or farms are shown as grey blobs, with the parish boundaries in red. Other areas shown as purple could be helped by investment from the Rural Community Broadband Fund (RCBF); areas shown as white may still have problems.

Please note that any statements made here about these plans are subject to change as the project develops.

Any later information from Arch Digital or BT will be posted on this page.

Public meeting: improving broadband services!

A reminder that there is  a public meeting on Thursday, 26th June, from 7pm to 9pm in the Commemoration Hall. Organised by the Community Trust, this follows up the completion of the recent survey of demand for improved broadband services in Slaley & Healey.

Tony Carr (Arch Digital) and Simon Roberson (BT) will be attending to explain the broadband upgrade plans for Slaley. There will be time for questions and discussion of the next steps in improving broadband services for this area.

Please tell anyone else who you feel might be interested about this event.

Arch Digital (on behalf of the County Council) is managing the programme to bring superfast broadband to at least 91% of homes and businesses in Northumberland by December 2015.

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