SLALEY Earth Day Quiz

1.     Where in Slaley can you recycle empty blister packets? Slaley Shop

2.     Where in Slaley Village is there a wildflower meadow? St  Mary’s Church

3.     Name one of the places where the Community Environment Group planted fruit trees to start the Slaley Orchard. Park View (near where the Post Van parks)

4.     Where in Hexham can you take your used uncoloured candle wax to be made into new candles? Check with Mathias Winter perhaps? Hexham Abbey

5.     Write down one way that house design can reduce run-off. Eg have a ‘green’ roof

6.     Name the Nature Reserve 1km North of Slaley Village which can be reached along a footpath signed to Marley Cote Walls. Juliet’s Wood

7.     Woodcock and Nightjar evening walks can be taken where in Slaley Parish? LXNR

8.     Which organisation in the Hall today is having ‘Peat Free April’? North Pennines AONB

9.     Northumberland has wonderful ‘Dark Skies’, how can you do ‘Just One Thing’ to help keep away light pollution?  Angle lights downwards

10.  Where can you find easy links to both the NCC Climate Change Action Plan and the Local Climate Action Plan? Ask Stella. Slaley Parish website

TIE BREAKER – How many corks in the basket? 1565


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