Large & Small, Small House Gallery North-East and other art work large and small.
Slaley Commemoration Hall Friday May13th 7-9pm and Saturday and Sunday May1st 14-15 11am-5pm
Karen Melvin, Claudia Sacher, Carl von Weiler
This pop-up exhibition in Slaley will feature the very large and the very small, the outsize and the miniature. It includes a small shed, a vintage doll house (Small House Cottage) and toy garage (Small House Garage) part of the Small House North East co-curatorial experiment on ‘tour’ from London to Northumberland. Small House Gallery is a mini-contemporary art project for a group of doll’s houses, spaces for exhibiting art and playing with scale, curated by Eldi Dundee during lockdown.

In the Small House Cottage exhibition, KarenMelvin has brought the environment into the house, to look at cycles of growth, nature and those large and small issues that go with our concern for a sustainable future. Off-cut pieces of wood were picked up from the workshop floor to paint on and put  in the small house next to cut-up bits of exhibition prints folded into tetrahedron shapes. The doll's house is surrounded by painted table-top arrangements with more offcuts. Yvette’s People- An installation of poetic paper structures by Claudia Sacher includes small drawings in a restricted space and larger drawings leaning, hanging, or floating above the floor. The large drawings use previous work so that the paper takes on a weathered aged appearance due to its various incarnations, each incarnation bringing its own gravitas.

Unbird 2022- Within the derelict and abandoned nature of Mac’s Garage (Small House Garage),  the fuel station, once a symbol of western power and journeying towards personal freedom, becomes a symbol of a broken world. Showing in the back of the garage’s sparse workshop and casting an eerie light and sound across the space, is Alfred Hitchcock’s classic full length feature film The Birds. Here the small dystopian cinema is patrolled and guarded over by life-sized birds made by the artist. For a number of years, Carl von Weiler has been making hand-made birds from fragments of recycled materials, sometimes with communities from around the world including groups of migrants who walked from Russia into north Scandinavia in 2014.

Karen Melvin and Claudia Sacher last exhibited together in the uninhabited rooms full of the atmosphere of prior lives, in the back wing of Highgreen Manor, Tarset. No.3: Stories in a house retold, part of Varc weekend/ Highgreen Arts in 2018. Karen and Claudia collaborated at Ladycross Nature Reserve in 2019 with Picnic at Stone Circle and currently have the exhibition Breath of My Garden on at Gibside National Trust, Gateshead.
Un bird 2022 is the first work made by Carl von Weiler since his large-scale commission Tremuseum, sited by the vast Randsfjorden in Sondre Land, Norway in 2016


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