Community Play & Sports area on the School Field

The Parish Council is delighted that after several years of searching for a suitable site this project has at last come to fruition through cooperation with the School and great work by the Community Trust.

As part of the agreement between the School, the PC and the funders, the PC has a duty to look after the facility for all members of our community and visitors to enjoy and use, outside school hours. The PC pays for insurance and a weekly inspection by qualified staff to ensure the safety of everyone using the equipment. The facility is close to the Nursery, the School and neighbours' houses and it is therefore essential that the children and parents that use it, those responsible for its supervision and maintenance, and all members of the community play a part in keeping it clean and safe and ensuring that the privacy and property of neighbours and the school are respected.

With input from the school, parents, neighbours, the PC, the Community Trust and the West Tynedale neighbourhood police team we have therefore drawn up the following guidelines for use of the play and sport area.

The agreement for use of the school field

Children have a right to play, and they need opportunities for physical exercise and interaction with other youngsters. However, everyone has a right to enjoy their home and workplace peacefully and know that their property is safe.

The following agreement and simple guidelines should ensure that the new play and sport facilities can be enjoyed by all users, without disturbance to others.

  • The Parish Council and the School will ensure that the facility is regularly inspected and kept in good condition.
  • Parents and carers will be responsible for their children when they are in the school grounds and the play area.

Users of the facilities will abide by the following common sense rules :

  • The facilities are open outside school hours and at all times during school holidays, until dusk (when the village street lights come on).
  • Only the school field to be used – there is no entry to the enclosed nursery play area and school and the walls of these buildings must not be used for ball games.
  • Responsibility for children lies solely with parents and carers. It is their responsibility to ensure that children arrive at and leave the field safely. Slaley First School can take no responsibility for any child using the field.
  • Please respect other residents' right to peace and a safe environment.
  • The school playing field is surrounded by private houses. Owners expect you to have fun and cause some noise however continued bad language is not acceptable and its continued use will involve loss of privileges
  • Cycles must be used only on the new BMX track. Cycling on the school field will result in loss of privileges.
  • For the protection of users, no pets/animals must be allowed on the site.
  • Please take litter home.

Please report any damage, graffiti or others signs of mis-use to one of the people listed below.

Robbie Hutchinson Tel. 01434 673107

Catherine Lincoln Tel. 0791 812 0125

In case of serious vandalism, misbehaviour, etc. our Community Police Officer should be informed by telephoning
03456 043043 ext 61439.


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