Community Play & Sports area on the School Field

The Parish Council is delighted that after several years of searching for a suitable site this project has at last come to fruition through cooperation with the School and great work by the Community Trust.

As part of the agreement between the School, the PC and the funders, the PC has a duty to look after the facility for all members of our community and visitors to enjoy and use, outside school hours. The PC pays for insurance and a weekly inspection by qualified staff to ensure the safety of everyone using the equipment. The facility is close to the Nursery, the School and neighbours' houses and it is therefore essential that the children and parents that use it, those responsible for its supervision and maintenance, and all members of the community play a part in keeping it clean and safe and ensuring that the privacy and property of neighbours and the school are respected.

With input from the school, parents, neighbours, the PC, the Community Trust and the West Tynedale neighbourhood police team we have therefore drawn up the following guidelines for use of the play and sport area.

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