Slaley Film Club

Slaley Film Club shows one film each month, usually on the third Friday, but we have a summer break with no films from May to August. We also provide a supper, but not drinks, during the interval for an inclusive charge of £6 £3 for under-16s). We feel that this makes the evening more attractive and more of a social event. If you would like to receive our emails about forthcoming films, please send a request to Michael Elphick.

Our new programme has now been finalised, and is available as a PDF here:

Organised by: Jean & Michael Elphick, Jeannie & Jason Abdelnoor, Jane & Jim Bailey.

The club started out in 2004, inspired by the Queen's Hall "Screen 1" initiative led by Christo Wallers. Since then we have had thirteen successful seasons, thanks to the continued support of the Queen's Hall Arts programme, and our loyal audience. In October 2008 the Hall had its own equipment (projector, amplifier, DVD player and screen) installed by the Queen's Hall staff; we provided some £350 of this cost from our accumulated profits, and now handle all the projection ourselves. Audience numbers have increased from around 20-25 initially to an average of 36 last season, and a maximum of 49.

The choice of films is basically made by the organisers, with some input from others. Our aim has always been to include a fairly wide variety of films, and to introduce people to some that they might not otherwise think of seeing.


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