Hall Management

The Commemoration Hall is managed by a Management Committee of Trustees, representing all those using its facilities on a regular basis.

The Commemoration Hall is a Registered Charity (522138).


The current membership of the Committee is:

  • Ros Doonan (Chair)
  • Debra Taylor (Vice Chair & Slaley Parish Council)
  • Pat Wilson (Secretary)
  • Stella Douglas (Booking Clerk & Treasurer)
  • Carol Ferguson
  • Margaret Rowell
  • Helen Savage
  • Michael Elphick
  • Janeen Smith (Healey PC)
  • Ian Stevens
  • Catherine Myers

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of committee meetings are published when they have been approved, as are the latest annual accounts. Click on the link for the latest minutes and annual accounts available:

2018 Survey

Built and given to the people of Slaley by the Hunting family of Slaley Hall and opened in September 1922, the Commemoration Hall is fast approaching its centenary, and the current trustees are embarking on a facelift of the facilities.
We are committed to upgrading the toilet facilities and bringing the storage area up to the level of the main building, but the Commemoration Hall is more than just better toilets. To help us make the right decisions, we asked you to complete the short questionnaire, and over 65 people have responded.

No personal information has been included in this report, but all comments made by the respondents have been transcribed without editing.


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