Welcome to Slaley Commemoration Hall

Ideal Christmas Gift....

Yes, Live from Slaley Commemoration Hall.... The Snow Queen. 
Family ticket will make an ideal Christmas gift!
  • £25 for two adults and three children.
  • Adult tickets £10
  • Children £5

Tickets from Pat Wilson (01434 673388), Debra Taylor (07932 450874)
or Ros Doonan (01434 673173)

Grand Summer Raffle

The raffle was drawn on Sunday at the Afternoon Teas. Thank you to Slaley Vineyard wines and our local pubs and hotel for the lovely prizes and to everyone who supported the raffle.

Fund Thermometer, Flag and Banners

If you have passed the Hall recently you will have spotted the banners, flag and fund thermometer.
We have updated the thermometer in September as funds have now reached over £35,000.   Please donate to help ensure the future of Slaley Commemoration Hall.

Please email your picture by the new thermometer total to SlaleyCH@gmail.com.

More about our £100k for 100 Years Appeal

Slaley Commemoration Hall is looking to the future with its £100K for 100 Years Appeal.

The Hall is one of the finest and best-loved village halls in Northumberland. The hall was renovated extensively in 1980-1, but now urgently needs more work to secure its future and make it fit for the challenges ahead. New toilets are a priority and better storage. There are also some structural problems to solve such as repairs to the iconic lantern that sits proudly on the roof.

Over the years it has hosted an unbelievably wide range of activities and is still the only multi-purpose meeting place in the village, used by lots of groups and clubs and the focus of many social activities – an essential community hub for a sustainable village.

 The Commemoration Hall was a generous gift to the village by Charles and Agnes Mona Hunting of Slaley Hall in gratitude for the safe return of their children from the First World War and opened its doors for the first time in 1922.


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