Slaley April Fool's Silent Auction

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An A - Z of Auction Ideas

A – Z of items to Auction

A         Antiques.   Air miles.  Accommodation.  Afternoon Tea.  Art.  Alcohol

B         Books. Belts.   Bees.   Boots.  Bedding. Blinds.   Bed & Breakfast. Baby goods

C         Chess. Coins.  Crockery. China. Cutlery. Clothing.  Cooking. Childminding. CDs. Camping/Caravans. Cinema. Clocks. Car washing. Curtains.  Celebration Cakes.

D         Dance music.  DVDs.   Dogs.            DIY tools & equipment

E          Exercise          Electrical         Eggs hen/duck

F          Food.   Facial Treatment.        Fencing.          Furniture.  Fascinators & hats

G         Gravel.            Gardens.          Games.   Golf.             Gym.   Grass cutting

H         Hairdressing.   Health. Handbag. Holiday. Hanging Basket. Hamper.  Homes.  

Hotels.  Harry Potter memorabilia

I           Inns (accommodation, food and drink)          Ink - printer

J          Jewellery.        Jig-Saws

K         Kites.   Keg of Beer.   Kennels.   Keepsake.   Keyboard.  Knifes.   Kit-bag.  Knitting

L          Lunch.  Ladders.         Leather goods             Lego building blocks

M        Murder Mystery.         Music. Meat   

N         Nick-Nacks     Natural Foods. Nightwear.     Necklace         Needlecraft.    Networking help

O         Opera.   Objet d’art.    Ornaments

P          Photographs.   Paintings. Plants.  Pets.  Picnic sets.  Paper (printer/note/photograph)

Q         Quoits             Queen music

R         Rides (pony/cart).  Racquets.

S          Seaside. Suitcase.       Seating            .           Soft toys.         Swimming      Silage/Hay.  Stone

T          Theatre            Travel.             Toiletries.        Toddler Toys. Timepieces

U         Umbrella

V         Vases              Vehicles (tyres/seat covers)    vegetables

W        Walking sticks . Wool.  Wooden housewares.  Wine.   Writing materials

X         X Box

Y         Yoga

Z          zzzs good nights sleep            Zoo      Zip with a raincoat attached


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