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Slaley Parish Council January 2017 minutes

The Slaley Shop – latest!

The ‘Operational Group’ is working hard in consultation with the Parish Council. We’re exploring a number of viable options to secure the future of the shop for the village: a shop to be owned and run by the community for the benefit of the whole community, and in line with the results of the survey described in the last edition of Slaley News.

Margaret and Roy have told us that they’d like to retire soon, ideally at the end of March, so we’re having to work fast to ensure the continuity of the things that matter most to the people of Slaley and district, especially the sales of newspapers – as the survey made clear. For example, we’ve begun a detailed feasibility study on the running costs of the various options we’re investigating.

We promise to keep everyone up to speed with developments and would love to hear from anyone else who is keen to join those who’ve already expressed an interest in helping with the shop project as soon as it’s up and running. It’s very clear that a strong volunteer base will be vital to the long-term success of the shop. Please contact Jerry Cleall-Harding, the Chair of the Operation Group, if you’d like to help or know more about our plans. Jerry can be contacted by email: or by phone: 01434 673911.

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