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Would you like a FREE energy monitor?

Thanks to the West Northumberland Village Halls Consortium and British Gas, Slaley Commemoration Hall can now offer anyone a FREE energy monitor. Put your EnergySmartTM monitor somewhere easy to see to keep track of your electricity usage, and you’ll soon start to see how simple changes like turning off the lights, or boiling less water in the kettle mean less electricity is being used.

These monitors do NOT control or affect your electricity supply, but show you how your usage changes from minute to minute. Installing one involves locating the incoming supply to your electricity meter, attaching a small sensor round the cable, connecting the transmitter box, and then plugging in a small display unit inside the house.

EnerrgySmart monitor

EnerrgySmart monitor

You can set them up to display the charge being taken, the cost (if you know your supplier’s tariff), and daily, weekly or monthly totals. The small display itself uses – over a whole year – only about £1 of electricity.

If you would like one, please contact Michael Elphick at or on (01434) 673443. Clear and detailed instructions are included, but if you do have problems let us know!

Slaley Parish Council January 2016 minutes

The Slaley Carpet Bowls team

The first half of the season saw Slaley Carpet Bowls team winning 5 matches and losing 4 matches. many of the matches were very close with only a couple of points deciding the game.
January started well with victory at Riding Mill and Newbrough and the team are now  looking forward to the remaining 5 fixtures this season. The attached photo shows some of the team at Newbrough during a break between games It was at about half time and we were well behind in the score, clearly the team weren’t worried and their stunning second half performance recovered the deficit and ensured a nail biting 7 point victory!!

Slaley Bowls team

Slaley Bowls team

Slaley, Healey & Minsteracres Local History Club February meeting

Slaley Community Trust Report to Slaley PC February 2016

Slaley Parish Council February 2016 meeting agenda