Slaley Commemoration Hall Planning Application

An application has been submitted to the planning department to alter the existing Slaley Commemoration Hall and also to construct an extension. The brief for this design was provided by the Trustees of the hall. The Trustees had carried out a survey of villagers and users to determine peoples aspirations for the hall. The survey revealed several issues:

  • The toilets were considered to be in poor condition. This is no surprise to anyone who uses the hall: they fall well short of even the lowest expectations of standards. The existing toilets are located to the rear of the main hall and can only be accessed by passing through the main hall. They are formed from the sequence of adaptations of old netties, etc and are at a lower level than the main hall.
  • The main storage area off the main hall is at a lower level, making it difficult to store chairs and tables etc. 
  • The existing side room, ‘the committee room’, is too small for anything other than small meetings. The presence of the bar within the room further compromises its use.
  • A second hall is needed. Ideally this should be light, airy and approximately a third of the size of the existing hall for mothers/toddler groups, yoga, etc.

The design submitted for planning approval has responded to the brief: 

  • The toilets will be relocated in the present committee room so that they have direct access to the new hall and the main hall without the need for passing through either. The only external alteration to the building as a consequence of moving the toilets to this location will changing the clear glazing to obscure glazing.
  • A new hall will be constructed at the east end of the building. The proportions and size are suitable for multi use. This hall will have a high internal ceiling. It has been designed with a contemporary approach to maintain the two sets of high level windows to the east elevation of the main hall. Its location will also provide access to the kitchen independently of the main hall
  • The existing toilets will be stripped out.  A new floor level with the main hall will be installed throughout the existing storage area. The roofline to the existing toilets will remain without alteration. This will convert the storage area into a ‘walk-in’ cupboard. Funds are restricted and rationalising the roof profile should be for a later project.

The planning application has been deposited for a few weeks and it is noted that the formal period of representations ended on 25 May. However, it is our experience, in practice, the planning department will receive and consider any comments after the formal expiry date. Indeed, the trustees would welcome any comments for consideration.'

You can link to the planning application here simply insert Planning Number : 18/01509/FUL in the search box.

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