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Healey Parish Council

Healey Parish Council serves the residents of the parish of Healey and Minsteracres.

The Parish Council normally meets at 7.30 p.m. four times each year (March, May, September & December) in Slaley Commemoration Hall. An agenda is pasted on the Healey Notice Board (opposite Healey Church) and the Minsteracres Notice Board within the statutory notice period. The official minutes are posted on this website ( after their adoption by the Council.

The Councillors after the elections in May 2013 are as follows:

  • Chairman: Tom Warde-Aldam, Red Hemmels, Riding Mill. NE44 6AH. Tel: 682254. E-mail: Tom joined the Council in May 1999; he represents Healey Parish Council on the 4 Parishes BOATs Joint Committee, the Rural Parish Community Forum and the Domesday Group.
  • Christine Johnston, High Fotherley, Riding Mill. NE44 6BD. Tel:682270. E-mail: Christine is Chairman of the Barley Hill Fund Panel.

Co-opted at the March 2014 meeting:

  • Philip Cain, Hill Top, Healey, Riding Mill, Northumberland. NE44 6BG. Tel:01434 673647. E-mail:

Co-opted at the September 2014 meeting:

  • Michael Cartlidge, The Old Vicarage, Healey, Riding Mill, Northumberland. NE44 6BJ. Tel:01434 682422. E-mail:

Joined the Council December 2016

  • Janeen Smith, Healey Home Farm, Healey, Riding Mill, Northumberland NE44 6BH  T: 07977 134973 Email: 

Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the agendas or minutes (once adopted) should e-mail the Clerk with an e-mail address.

Information about the Council is available here, thanks to an agreement with Slaley Parish Council to share the space on this website.


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