Slaley Film Club shows one film each month, usually on the third Friday, but we have a summer break with no films from May to August. Tickets are now priced at £6 (£3 for under-16s).

We normally have a break for a shared supper during the interval; we feel that this makes the evening more attractive and more of a social event. We now ask you to bring a plate to share for this. 

We can take bookings online using the button above (which will help us keep track of numbers), or when you arrive at the Hall.

If you would like to receive our emails about forthcoming films, please send a request to Michael Elphick ...

This season's films

Here's a summary of the films we showed,  from September 2021 to April this year:

For future programmes, if you have an idea for a film or films that you would like to see, just let us know by email to: Michael Elphick. As we have to have a licence to show each film, which we get through the Queen's Hall in Hexham via FilmBank, you need to check that one is available on the FilmBank website: FilmBank catalogue.

Will you help to keep these film shows going?

After 18 years of running these shows (with much help from others) Jean and Michael are now standing down!

In the hope that some one (or two or three or … ) other people might be willing to give it a go, we are providing a short guide to running the Slaley film shows.

As you will see, our suggestion is that the tasks could be shared between several volunteers.
We have a couple of people interested already, but we DO need more!

Michael is very willing to discuss any aspects of this - in person, at the next show, by email to ( or by phone (02434 673443).

Our 18th season has ended!

Now that we have completed our 18th season of films, and we have decided to stand down as organisers, it only remains to give our thanks to all who contributed to this last show, which made a small profit and helped us end this 18th season with a balance in the account of just over £540. And as we said on Friday, our donations to local groups and appeals over the years have now amounted to over £2,880 – well done!

We are still keen to hear from people interested in keeping these film nights going, and will post anything definite on this film page.

Our history

Organised by: Jean & Michael Elphick, Jeannie & Jason Abdelnoor, Jane & Jim Bailey.The club started out in 2004, inspired by the Queen's Hall "Screen 1" initiative led by Christo Wallers. Since then we have had seventeen successful seasons, thanks to the continued support of the Queen's Hall Arts programme, and our loyal audience. In October 2008 the Hall had its own equipment (projector, amplifier, DVD player and screen) installed by the Queen's Hall staff; we provided some £350 of this cost from our accumulated profits, and now handle all the projection ourselves. In June 2018 we had a new integrated audiovisual system installed, funded in part by our own savings over the years, with £5200 from the Big Lottery Awards for All, and £700 from the Joicey Trust. We look forward to using this in the coming year, and hope that other groups will be able to make good use of this new equipment, for both displays and performances.Audience numbers have increased from around 20-25 initially to an average of 28 last season, and a maximum of 63.The choice of films is basically made by the organisers, with some input from others. Our aim has always been to include a fairly wide variety of films, and to introduce people to some that they might not otherwise think of seeing.


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