Free DVDs on offer!

Dorothy Bell has donated a large number of her DVDs, and anyone can take them (with a suggested donation of £1 each).  Jim Bailey is currently holding them . . .

Using the equipment

There is a short guide to using the projector and other A/V components, which should be kept in the cabinet itself.

Slaley Film Club

Welcome to the newly reorganised film club, led by Michael Elphick, Jim Bailey, Diana Mulholland and other volunteers.

2023 -2024

Our next season - in fact our 20th - begins in September with “Mrs Harris Goes to Paris” on Friday 15th. The shows are on the third Friday of each month, and start at 7:30 pm, after doors open at 7 pm. The charge of £6 includes a tasty supper in the interval, but not drinks, so just bring your own!  The suppers are provided by volunteers, and we are looking for more to help out with this. And in any case please let us know if you will want the supper, so that the volunteers can know how many to cater for. 

Our history

Organised by: Jean & Michael Elphick, Jeannie & Jason Abdelnoor, Jane & Jim Bailey.The club started out in 2004, inspired by the Queen's Hall "Screen 1" initiative led by Christo Wallers. Since then we have had seventeen successful seasons, thanks to the continued support of the Queen's Hall Arts programme, and our loyal audience. In October 2008 the Hall had its own equipment (projector, amplifier, DVD player and screen) installed by the Queen's Hall staff; we provided some £350 of this cost from our accumulated profits, and now handle all the projection ourselves. In June 2018 we had a new integrated audiovisual system installed, funded in part by our own savings over the years, with £5200 from the Big Lottery Awards for All, and £700 from the Joicey Trust. 


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