Local History Publications

Is there a grave stone marking a Slaley death you wish to discover?
Read "The Grave Stones of St. Mary's Church Slaley" (1992)

Has Slaley Church always looked like this?
Read "The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Slaley" (1995)

What is the story behind Slaley Hall Hotel?
Read "Slaley Hall Photographs and Memories" (1996)

Eighty years of social history in Slaley
Read "Slaley Commemoration Hall The First Eight Decades" (2002)

150 years of Slaley Show
Read "Don't Eat those Scones" (2009)

Available through Lawn House Publications

Phone: 01434 673388 Email: patricia.wilson28@btinternet.com

"Slaley, Then and Now"

Published by Slaley Community Trust, this is a revised and updated version of Miss Mason's "Miscellany" that brings the story up to date.

Copies available at £10 from the village shop, or from:
Michael Elphick - Phone: 01434 673443


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